The Expert Series – Promoting Student Success: Seven Essential Principles

Enhancing student success in college is a national concern because of the growing importance of a post-secondary credential and the growing diversity of students entering higher education. Research suggests that there are timeless and universal educational principles that promote student motivation, retention (persistence to graduation), and academic achievement.These pervasive principles are associated with positive outcomes for all students, regardless of their college-entry characteristics, but they have particularly powerful effects on students who are at-risk for attrition.

This webinar will identify specific, high-impact practices that can be used inside and outside the classroom to implement the following research-based principles of student success:

  1. Personal validation
  2. Self-efficacy (grit and growth mindset)
  3. Finding meaning or purpose
  4. Active involvement (engagement)
  5. Reflection
  6. Social integration
  7. Self-awareness