First Year Students Who Plan to Transfer: Characteristics and Implications

This research note, which leverages data from the 2013 Mapworks Fall Transition Survey, profiles students who intended to transfer; comparing them to other students and comparing the responses of those who intended to transfer before entering the institution and those who made the decision after entering the institution.

Of the respondents who indicated they intend to transfer, 74% reported they decided to transfer after entering the institution, while 26% intended to transfer before entering the institution. Respondents who intended to transfer had lower average incoming academic scores and were less likely to cite their current institution as their first choice of college. Overall, respondents who intended to transfer were less likely to rate themselves highly on key academic abilities, self-discipline and time management, and basic academic behaviors. Respondents who intended to transfer were also less likely than other respondents to form peer connections, report being homesick, and indicate a feeling a sense of belonging. Those who made the decision to transfer after entering the institution were more likely to have these issues.

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