Does Having a Major Impact Student Success?

This research note explores differences between students who indicate identifying a likely major/program during the early weeks of the fall semester and those who have not, particularly as those differences relate to student success, engagement, and satisfaction. Approximately 85% of first-year respondents indicated had identified a likely major/program during early part of fall semester. Those who had identified a likely major/program earned a slightly higher high school GPA on average. In general, those who identified a likely program were more committed to completing their degree/certificate especially at their present institutions.

Mapworks is a comprehensive student success and retention program designed for all class levels. The survey component of Mapworks identifies students early in the term to enable  immediate support and intervention. Data from the 2013 Fall Transition Survey is summarized is this research note, including more than 138,000 first-year students from over 130 institutions.

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