Mapworks Featured Client: Queens University of Charlotte

Mapworks Featured Client

Queens University of Charlotte

Q: How long have you been using the Mapworks system?

A: We’ve been using Mapworks since August 2015

Q: How do you administer Mapworks at your institution?

A: The transition survey in Mapworks is embedded into the first-year experience course. 95% response rate! The check-up survey was conducted through partnering with Residence Life and we received 40% response rate. We’re going to work on embedding the check-up survey into a course next year.

Q: Describe your typical use of Mapworks.

A: The Center for Student Success is responsible for creating faculty buy-in, receiving referrals, and overall general administration of Mapworks.

“Mapworks has given Queens the ability to predict which students are most at-risk for poor academic performance and/or attrition, and provided us with the ability to intervene early in the semester.”
—Shariva White, Central Coordinator

Q: Are you using any Benchworks assessments at your institution?

A: Since this is our first year with Mapworks we are just beginning to gather reporting data and presenting to campus stakeholders: financial aid, student life, retention committee and faculty.

Q: Describe your successes with Mapworks.

A: We have been able to intervene with at-risk students much earlier than before we had Mapworks. In particular, we’ve had success this spring identifying students who were concerned about paying for next fall’s tuition. Through having this knowledge as a result of the check-up survey, we’ve been able to send referrals to financial aid and their follow through with students has been wonderful!

Q: What do you find the most beneficial about using Mapworks in general?

A: At this point in our time with Mapworks, the data the system produces on Queens’ students has been so informative. Our Institutional Effectiveness department is ecstatic!

Q: Have you received any responses/feedback about Mapworks?

A: The feedback so far has been positive. We are still working to create buy-in as a retention tool with faculty.

“Mapworks is the perfect tool for providing faculty and administrators at Queens needed information on various student sub-populations in order to make data-driven decisions. For example, we have learned that our minority students are finding it more difficult than their Caucasian peers to develop a sense of belonging at Queens. Since implementing Mapworks we no longer have to rely on anecdotal evidence of what we believe to be true about our students.” —Beth Stuart, Campus Coordinator

Q: How was the implementation process for you?

A: The implementation process for this year (August ’15) was very difficult but the ‘bugs’ seem to have been worked out!