How Has the On-Campus Housing Experience Changed Over Time?

On-campus housing programs strive to provide a quality living environment that not only fosters strong social connections and comfortable living, but also provides programs, services, and initiatives that support broader student learning and success.

Every campus collects information about students’ experiences in residence halls that not only demonstrates how residence life supports student success, but also shows how much our students have changed over time. But, we often do not take the time to explore just how their experiences, perceptions, and expectations have either changed or remained consistent over the years. Exploring data longitudinally can be incredibly powerful for showing not only the impact of on-campus living—but the impact of the work we do with our residents.

To that end, this note highlights results from an analysis of ten years of survey data on the experiences of on-campus residents to highlight key trends over the last decade in on-campus housing.

National data shows a shift towards more private residence hall living spaces when it comes to on-campus housing. And, when paired with data on increases in satisfaction with facilities, tells a story of the impact of campus responsiveness to student needs.


Topics of Focus

This note focuses on five high-level trends identified when exploring ten years of data on the college
student resident experience:

  • Facilities and privacy
  • Technology
  • Safety
  • Student Staff
  • Value of residence hall experience

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