What is the relationship between military students’ deployment histories and their college experiences?

Skyfactor, formerly Educational Benchmarking (EBI), and Ball State University partnered to create Mapworks, which capitalizes on Ball State’s 20 years of experience with the original MAP (Making Achievement Possible) and Skyfactor’s 14 years of experience with national benchmarking assessments. Mapworks empowers the faculty and professional staff to effectively and efficiently impact student success. Mapworks is a comprehensive student retention and success program designed for all class levels. Mapworks identifies students early in the term allowing for immediate support and intervention. It then serves as the infrastructure to manage those critical outreach efforts.

This research note studies first-year military students and veterans and looks at differences between those who were and were not deployed in areas designated as hazardous duty as related to academic experiences, on-campus involvement, peer connections, satisfaction, and outcomes. Data from the 2013 Fall Transition Survey is summarized below and includes 1,728 first-year students with a military background from 113 institutions. Two groups were compared: “Hazardous Deployment,” or those students who answered “deployed to area(s) designated as hazardous duty,” and “No Hazardous Deployment” which includes students who responded with both “deployed to area(s) not designated as hazardous duty” and “never deployed.”