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Benchworks by Elentra (formerly Skyfactor Benchworks), equips you with expertly-written surveys that give you in-depth analyses of your academic and student programs’ strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, Benchworks provides actionable recommendations based on survey results to help your program succeed.

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Popular Program Assessments:

Housing & Residence Life

Nursing Education

Student Activities & Services

Teacher Education

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At Benchworks, we understand that your ultimate goal is to see your students thrive. Benchworks is well-equipped with the tools, partnerships, and resources to support you. Our track record speaks for itself.

It became apparent over 15 years ago that data-informed decisions would become increasingly important. Benchworks saves time, is very accessible, is easy to navigate and understand, and provides strong support for decision-making regarding programs and services.

David Mckelfresh
Executive Director of Assessment and Research at Colorado State University

20+ years

of experience in assessment and student success




national assessments


housing programs


surveys completed


with ACUHO-I and AACN

Professionally developed and reliable surveys

Alignment with accreditation and professional standards

Benchmarking against peer colleges & programs

Robust analytics & easy-to-understand reporting

Longitudinal analysis

Informed program recommendations based on survey results

Reliable Data for Informed Decision-Making

Benchworks puts you in tune with program performance, satisfaction, and student success. Our expertly-crafted program assessment and research tools make it easy to evaluate your program’s performance and benchmark against peer colleges and institutions. Through advanced analytics and easy-to-understand reports, Benchworks gives you personalized suggestions to measure program impact and help your students succeed.

Assessments by Program

Crafted in partnership with professional organizations such as ACUHO-I and AACN, Benchworks offers more than 50 professionally-developed assessments with robust and easy-to-access analytics for both academic and non-academic programs across your institution. Surveys can be administered either electronically or with pencil and paper.

Campus Climate

College Union

First Year Seminar

Housing & Residence Life


Student Activities

Student Services

Nursing Education

Teacher Education

Business Education


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