Experts in Assessment

Analytics and Research Team

The Benchworks Analytics and Research Team channels more than 40 years of combined higher education assessment experience to ensure the delivery of best-in-class survey design, administration and analytics for effective program assessment


Sherry Woosley, Ph.D.

Senior Director of Analytics & Research

As part of Benchworks by Elentra, Dr. Sherry Woosley and her team drive research and content strategy. Sherry delights in turning research and data into products that clients use to improve student and employee experiences. Prior to joining Benchworks by Elentra in 2011, Sherry spent 11 years working at Ball State University in institutional research and assessment. Her research publications include two book chapters and 20+ journal articles in outlets such as the College Student Journal, The Journal of College Student Retention, The Journal of College Student Development, and The Journal of Educational Administration. She has delivered more than 150 national conference presentations and is recognized for her work in program assessment, storytelling with data, and college student success and retention. Sherry holds a Ph.D. from the University of California, Santa Barbara where she studied educational organizations, job stress, self-efficacy, and employee connections.

Matthew Venaas

Research Manager

In his role, Matt's passion is helping campus partners leverage insights from national survey data and best practices in assessment to develop and deliver quality content that can inform campus action.

Matt Venaas is a Research Manager on the Analytics and Research Team. In this role, Matt is responsible for survey design and development, in particular for the 50+ Benchworks surveys. Since 2015, Matt has delivered more than 50 national conference presentations and is recognized for his work in program assessment, survey design, data visualization, and student success. He has also served previously as a member of the Directorate Board for ACPA’s Commission for Assessment and Evaluation and on faculty for the Student Affairs Assessment Institute. Matt earned a MS.Ed. in Adult and Higher Education and a B.A. in Political Science, both from Northern Illinois University.

Kurt Moderson

Manager of Research and Analytics

Kurt Moderson is a Manager of Research and Analytics on the Analytics and Research Team at Benchworks. In this capacity, he leads the product team and works with our engineering teams to ensure data is meaningful and actionable. Kurt is also responsible for delivering custom research projects and researching new product features. Kurt received his Bachelors of Science in Communication Studies and Political Science from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse and his Masters of Science in Student Affairs from Missouri State University. Kurt worked in Residence Life and the University College at Winthrop University supporting student success prior to joining Benchworks by Elentra in 2013.