Student Success through Benchmarking

Did you know that colleges and institutions across the country use Benchworks surveys to improve student life on campus? Our student activities and student services assessments are excellent tools for administrators to stay in touch with how students are feeling, identify areas where students need extra support, and are given actionable insights into program improvements based on survey data.

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Enhance Student Activities with Benchmarking Surveys

Our Student Activities surveys are designed to provide an accurate snapshot of student life and measure their experiences with student activities, student unions, organization leaders, fraternities, and sororities. Our Benchworks insights and reports inform administrators of any changes that need to be made to ensure a well-rounded college experience for all students.

See the research on the relationship between student activity participation and educational outcomes or watch our on-demand webinar on how to best leverage benchmarking surveys as part of your next program review.

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Surveys to Assess and Optimize Student Services

It is crucial for institutions to provide top-tier student services in order to support and retain their students. By benchmarking student affair services like academic advising, counseling, and recreation, institutions can identify effective strategies to bolster students’ academic and personal development. With this knowledge, institutions can work towards providing the best possible student experience, and students can feel confident that they are getting the support they need.

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