Testimonials & Research

From increasing program competitiveness to making measurable improvements to student satisfaction, Benchworks products have been trusted by both educators and administrators for over 20 years. Here’s a taste of what our customers are saying about Benchworks assessments and the impact they’ve made.

Case Studies

Florida State University

“Without Skyfactor data, we would be making ‘gut’ decisions or communicating concerns that had only been heard informally from our students. The use of these data resulted in meaningful change that has for several years realized improvement in student satisfaction.”

Steve Kleuver, Associate Director of Operations, University Housing at Florida State University

Miles Community College

“We have created a culture of assessment which helps us know which direction the campus is going, build more targeted strategic plan goals that support our accreditation efforts, and serve out student body based on their changing needs.”

Richard DeShields, Dean of Student Engagement & Auxiliary Services at Miles Community College

Millersville University

“University Housing has measurable goals to achieve as part of our university-wide strategic plan. We use assessment data to focus our practices on key priorities that contribute to the academic and personal success of our students.”

Dr. Scott M. Helfrich, Director of University Housing & Conference Services at Millersville University

Oxford College of Emory University

“Data use is a big part of our culture both in housing and across campus. We’ve intentionally focused training on identity and diversity topics, with activities that scaffold so lessons progressively build upon each other.”

Joseph Moon, Dean of Campus Life at Oxford College of Emory University

University of Central Florida

“The ACUHO-I / Benchworks Resident Assessment enabled us to showcase our department’s contributions to UCF’s retention, persistence, and graduation goals by helping residents to develop a strong sense of belonging and providing supportive learning environments.”

Virginia Koch, Assessment and Research Specialist at University of Central Florida

University of Northern Iowa

“Skyfactor has allowed us to focus on improving our services and operations as a whole. The ability to use longitudinal data to compare years of responses has enhanced our efforts to make larger, more systemwide improvements.”

Nick Rafanello, Director of Residence Life at University of Northern Iowa

University of St. Francis

“Using data to create a continuous quality improvement model has been a game-changer for us in meeting our student needs and creating a cocurricular learning model.”

Mollie Rockafellow, Dean of Student Life at University of St. Francis

University of Tampa

“We share data so our staff can not only identify opportunities for improvement in their specific area but also work those insights into their interactions with residents.”

Nora Jarmon, Director of Residence Life at University of Tampa

University of Scranton

“Our faculty embrace the Jesuit Ideals which carries over to how we care for our students.”

Kimberly Subasic, Ph.D., MS, RN, CNE, Chair, Department of Nursing at The University of Scranton

Lafayette College

“We make decisions not just on this year’s data but also on the greater story. This is how we focus our efforts to create positive change.”

Julie Mule, Senior Associate Director of Residence Life

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University of Akron

“Qualitative data helps us gather information about what programming our students are interested in and make decisions on RA training content. As a result, we have official DEI  programming that is inclusive and educational.”

Taylor Edington, Residence Life Coordinator

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University of Texas at Dallas

“Our staff take pride in their work and there is a sense of care and belonging. Most times, students don’t really care about what we do, but the end results show how much we care.”

Matthew Grief, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

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Bellarmine University

“As part of our approach to data, we host an all-day meeting off-site to look closely at our data. We use our results to make strategic and programmatic decisions.”

Heather Owens, Chief Nursing Officer & Associate Dean of Nursing

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Bluefield State University

“We do whatever it takes to help our students succeed. Using survey data allow us to make impactful, student-forward changes.”

Carol Cofer, Director and Professor of Nursing

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Anderson University

“We were able to deliver, in a very visible way, on our mission – our care and commitment to students.”

Andrew Lehr, Director of Student Success at Anderson University