Benchmarking Surveys for Housing & Residence Life

Use Assessment to Improve Student Housing

Benchworks gives residence life administrators a platform to evaluate their housing programs longitudinally across their entire residence life program and provide students a safe space to live, learn, and grow. By offering in-depth comparisons between different halls, floors, and other designations, administrators can easily identify areas for improvement. Benchworks’ resident life and housing surveys provide insight into how best to support student success.

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Here are the recent winners of the Assessment and Impact Award for Housing & Residence Life!

Winning institutions share how they used Benchworks for outside-the-box programmatic strategies to address student needs and share tips they have for their peers.

Lafayette College

University of Akron

The University of Texas at Dallas

Official Assessment Partner of ACUHO-I

With a strong focus on residence life, Benchworks offers benchmarking surveys for campus housing, apartments, and student staff tailored to the diverse needs of universities and their students. These surveys are mapped directly to ACUHO-I professional standards and CAS general learning outcomes, ensuring that all insights are relevant, informative, and actionable for housing administrators.

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Powerful Benchmarking for Residence Life

In addition to program assessment, Benchworks empowers residence life administrators to perform benchmarking in four critical ways:

Longitudinal data across residence life programs

Between halls, floors, and other designations

Against peer colleges and national participants

Across sub-populations of students

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Straight from the Director’s Mouth

Below, David Mckelfresh, Executive Director of Assessment and Research at Colorado State University shares his experience with Benchworks Resident Assessments and the impact they’ve made.

“It became apparent over 15 years ago that data-informed decisions would become increasingly important.”

“Benchworks saves time, is very accessible, is easy to navigate and understand, and provides strong support for decision-making regarding programs and services.”

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