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Engage. Assess. Analyze.

Deliver online orientation sessions that build excitement about the college experience, share critical information and promote engagement among students.


Students complete curriculum to acquaint themselves with your institution, available resources, and college life and standards.


Administer NODA’s official student, family and orientation leader surveys to assess the online orientation experience.


Access insights on students’ online orientation experiences and critical feedback to improve orientation programs year over year.

Insights to Inform Interventions

Assessing and analyzing the impact of the online orientation experience is easy with expertly-crafted orientation assessments and robust engagement data.

Actionable Insights

Use robust assessment data to monitor and maintain the health of your orientation programs, as well as pinpoint the most effective interventions for program’s weakest areas.

Smart Comparisons

Benchworks orientation surveys provide longitudinal, population-based and peer-to-peer benchmarking and highlights statistically-significant differences.

Top Predictors

The Benchworks Custom Statistical Analysis Report uses regression analysis and t-tests to identify which factors are the top predictors of overall outcomes for your orientation program.

Orientation assessments are available for new student and family orientation, as well as orientation leaders.

Orientation programs choose Benchworks because our surveys:

are built on more than 20 years of research and assessment expertise

offer unmatched reliability and validity

provide internal, external and longitudinal benchmarking data and are mapped to standards for CAS

Partnering with NODA

Benchworks is the official assessment partner of NODA and offers assessments that measure the experiences of new students, their families, and orientation leaders. 

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In this webinar, Jamie Mantooth, Executive Director of Enrollment Services and Student Engagement at The University of Tennessee, Martin shares practical strategies for making the most of benchmarking data for any campus.