Why Benchworks?

Robust analytics and easy-to-understand reports help you better understand program strengths and weaknesses, see trends, identify and compare sub-populations, measure impact of your initiatives, receive specific recommendations for improvement and calibrate performance on professional standards.

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We know how to build surveys
We don’t just give you the data back, we give suggestions about where to focus your efforts
Mapped to academic accreditation standards
Options for longitudinal analysis

Standard Bearer for Valid and Reliable Surveys

Benchworks pre-built assessments are:

  • professionally developed
  • rigorously tested and reviewed
  • aligned with accreditation and professional standards
  • reviewed and validated annually
  • customizable

Unmatched Benchmarking

Benchworks makes it easy for you to not only assess your program, but also to conduct benchmarking in four critical ways: longitudinally, across categories within your program, against peer institutions and within sub-populations.

…longitudinally across your program

…across departments within your program

…against peer institutions and national participants

…across sub-populations of students