Valid and Reliable Assessments

Benchworks provides expertly-crafted surveys that evaluate satisfaction, learning and program effectiveness for both student and academic affairs. Insights from our valid and reliable assessments can guide program improvement, resource allocation and decision-making for better student outcomes.

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Survey Content

All Benchworks surveys include categorial questions, scaled questions and factors, all of which provide you with valuable information to guide continuous improvement for your program.

Demographic Questions
Measure impact on different populations

Scaled Questions
Assess perceptions of learning and satisfaction

Groups of related questions provide high level insights

Available Assessments

Benchworks offers more than 50 professionally-developed assessments with robust and easy-to-access analytics for both academic and non-academic programs across your institution. Surveys can be administered either electronically or with pencil and paper.

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Academic Programs

Benchworks offers a number of nationally-validated assessments for academic programs. Exit, Alumni and Employer surveys available for:

Bachelors and Masters

Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Programs

Student Affairs Programs

Campus Climate

  • Student Campus Climate, Safety & Sexual Assault Assessment
  • Faculty/Staff Campus Climate, Safety & Sexual Assault Assessment

College Union

  • College Union/Student Center Assessment
  • Event Services Assessment

First Year Seminar

  • First-Year Seminar Assessment

Housing/Residence Life

  • ACUHO-I Resident Assessment
  • ACUHO-I Student Staff Assessment
  • ACUHO-I Apartment Assessment
  • ACUHO-I Canadian Resident Assessment
  • ACUHO-I Australian Resident Assessment
  • United Kingdom Resident Assessment

New Student

  • First-Year Seminar Assessment


  • New Student Orientation Assessment
  • Family Orientation Assessment
  • Orientation Leader Assessment

Student Activities

  • ACUI Student Activities Assessment
  • ACUI Student Organization Leader Assessment
  • Fraternity/Sorority Assessment

Student Services

  • Academic Advising Assessment
  • Career Services Assessment
  • Counseling Services Assessment
  • Veterans Services Assessment
  • Disability Services Assessment
  • Student Affairs Student Employee Assessment
  • Recreation Services Assessment